Translation and Performance of Poetry and Songs

Tagore the World Voyager (translation of Tagore songs)

'Songs,' Rabindranath Tagore wrote, 'are entirely the play of creation. As the rainbow appears, like the magic formation of rain and sun, a built-up archway of two whimsical temperaments in the sky, an exquisite moment proceeds on its triumphal journey through this archway. In an instant the play is over, the moment passes by waving its coloured garment: there is nothing more. Song-poems are nothing but this temperamental play of colour. If the poet of the rainbow were accosted and asked, "What is one to make out from all this?" the reply one would meet with would be "Nothing!" "Then?" "It pleases me!"--the pleasure of the pure form, to every challenge, to creation, this is the last answer.'

Visva Yatri Rabindranath (Rabindranath Tagore, the World Voyager). 4-CD set (Kolkata: Bhavna Records, 2010.)

Translation into English and reading along with historical contexts of 40 Tagore songs composed on his overseas voyages, 1912-1932; Bengali originals sung by Pramita Mallick.

Amaar Rabindranath (My Tagore). CD. (Kolkata: Bhavna Records, 2010).

Translation into English and reading with historical commentary of 10 Tagore songs and sung in the Bengali original.

Aandhara Ambare (In the Dark Sky). CD. (Kolkata: Bhavna Records, 2012).

10 Tagore Songs on the Seasons with English translations.

Songs of Tagore. (Paris: UNESCO, 2011).

Translations of 40 Tagore songs as part of the UNESCO project on ‘Universalism Reconciled: Tagore, Neruda, Cesaire’.